"Embrace Your Flame"

Firelina was my great-great grandmother's nickname.   The name "Firelina" has always struck me as unique and intriguing.  

I never met my great-great grandmother or heard any firsthand stories about her, but I've often wondered about her.  What was her personality?  Was she feisty or no-nonsense?  Was she a woman with a quiet strength that burned strong?  You have to wonder about a woman with the word "fire" in her name.  While brainstorming names for my graphic t-shirt line, I knew Firelina fit.

Firelina was born out of my desire to find quality tees with cool designs that speak to uniqueness and creativity. 

Everyone has a spark or flame within that makes you...well you.  That fire must never be held back or diminished.  Embrace your beauty, embrace your strength, embrace your quirks, embrace your flame.